LOU BEGA – the new live show!

Lou Bega celebrates the carefree spirit of the nineties on his upcoming album for Universal Music “90s Cruiser”.

He shaped the musical landscape of the late nineties and set it in motion like no other – and is back these days to build on the carefree and joie de vivre of those days:

His new live show for the new album is therefore also a journey through time to the 90s.

With the show, Lou Bega and his dancers ignite the complete nineties hit fireworks.

The show consists of the following 90s hits:

  • “Scatman & Hatmann” a new interpretation of the “Scatman John” hit “Scatman – ski-ba-bop-ba-bop” from 1995
  • “Buena Macarena” is a new interpretation of the Los del Rio # 1 hit from 1996
  • “Let’s get the Fiesta Started” is a new Lou Bega party hit based on “We like to Party” by the “Vengaboys” from 1998
  • “Bongo Bong” by “Manu Chao” from 1999 in a cool new reggae style
  • “Get Down” as the cover of the 1996 hit Backstreet Boys
  • “Sing Hallelujah” as a new reggae version by Dr. Alban from 1992
  • “Everybody’s Free-To Feel Good” from 1991 by “Rozalla”
  • “Mambo No. 5” Lou Bega`s worldwide number 1 hit!

Lou Bega and his dancers perform the 45 Minute 90s Half Playback Show

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