LOU BEGA – World-star and King of Mambo! 20 years LOU BEGA – 20 years “Mambo No.5”!

In 1999 the Mambo fever which broke out in Germany arrived in more than 20 countries world-wide. LOU BEGA was newcomer of the year and his “Mambo No.5” – the world hit par excellence – infected the whole globe!

With his debut album “A Little Bit of Mambo” LOU BEGA entered the top positions of the charts world-wide. In USA the successful album reaches #3 of the Billboard album charts and was sold more than 3.5 million times! All in all “A Little Bit of Mambo” is sold more than 7 million times world-wide.

“Mambo No.5” and other LOU BEGA hits are part of more than 40 million compilations now and so he comes to more than 53 million sold CDs – an incredible aim on present days! Also in today’s streaming world “Mambo No.5” is still one of the most streamed songs worldwide.

Thus it’s high time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this world-hit properly.
At 20th jubilee LOU BEGA still performs worldwide and also works on new songs and mixes which you surly hear more about soon!

The whole world knows LOU BEGA…

… and he is more than a musical ambassador: his mother comes from Southern Italy, his father from Uganda. Multi-cultural – the connection of cultures and generations, the spreading of optimism and zest for life – this is what LOU BEGA gives to his fans in his natural and friendly way. Fun, vitality and passion!

And you can experience this fun, vitality and passion during LOU BEGA’s show which he is touring with all around the world.

Awards from all over the world bombard the down-to-earth artist. He received the German music award ECHO in 2 categories and was nominated even five times. He was also nominated for the GRAMMY, in Cannes he received the reputable WORLD MUSIC AWARD. Further awards like the BLOCKBUSTER ENTERTAINMENT AWARD in Los Angeles/USA, FESTIVAL BAR in Verona/Italy, the AMADEUS AWARD in Vienna/Austria as well as the BUNTE NEW FACE AWARD in Berlin/Germany and many more followed.

From 1999 till today LOU BEGA tours together with his band and his exotic female dancers all over the world. Highlights were the USA tour with CHER in 22 cities and also mega live shows in South America, India, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Moscow, Hong Kong and the Arab Emirates. The more than 200 European concerts inspired more than 3 million visitors. International companies, princes and royal houses – beneath the King of Morocco – booked LOU BEGA and his live show for private or corporate events.

He has been guest in the biggest TV shows and specials world-wide like JAY LENO, ALLY MCBEAL, MOTOWN LIVE, JENNY JONES, QUEEN LATIFAH, ACCESS HOLLYWOOD – just to mention some of them. In the more than 20-year-old history of one of Europe’s biggest TV show WETTEN, DASS…? LOU BEGA is the only artist ever who performed one song twice in the

show in front of a frenetic audience. Even his visit of the grave of the Mexican national hero Perez Prado is reported on the 8 o’clock evening news of Mexico’s No.1 TV station and moved millions of Mexicans to tears.

WALT DISNEY, the biggest entertainment company world-wide, counts on LOU BEGA, too, and released “Jungle Book” as computer game together with the artist. He recorded the theme song here and performs in the video clip of the game. LOU BEGA is also common with presentations and so he presented the „American Music Awards“, „Grammy Awards“, „Billboard Radio Awards“ and the „Love Parade“ in Berlin/Germany.

LOU BEGA, who writes his song texts and composes all his songs himself, also writes songs for other artists and is successful here as well. Several Top10 hits for other artists are his own.

Like no other LOU has been able to form his own style of music by merging elements of the past eras of 40s and 50s with up to date grooves and sounds.